Who are we?

Creativity, dedication, knowledge and love

Evoke was founded in february 2016. as a mixture of creativity, dedication, knowledge  and love. Among it’s services, Evoke agency offers marketing services on social networks, graphic/web/brand design, website development and app development, as well as consulting in marketing domain. Besides of helping clients improve their business performances, Evoke agency is developing it’s own projects. Today, Evoke agency counts 10 team members in 3 sectors, with over 35 clients from all over the world. Evoke is growing and developing with it’s own clients on daily basis. Together we become stronger, better and bolder!


I’m part of every member of the team. If there wasn’t me, you wouldn’t be here right now.


I’m responsible for every waking hour spent on dissolving problems with our clients.


I’m the most serious member of the team. Thanks to me, every your request is turned to a solution.


I’m turning the team into a family. I love every letter and every pixel that was made in Evoke agency.
What do we do?

Creating results.

We are presenting you, to our services portfolio. We have been trying to create the ideal compound of services, so we could in time take a chance to completely get to know our clients, their needs, desires and wishes, in order to create best results.


Digital marketing

Nothing has changed, only the attention of the people transferred to another place. Today, social networks are the cheapest and the most efficient communication channel for many brands. We are here to create the ideal strategy, and to actually make that strategy happen!


Graphic, brand and web design are our specialty. From creating visual identity of your company, to all the way to creating complexed design offline solutions, designing your website and apps, we are here to create the ideal visual direction and make it possible.


Web and app development

We’ve developed numerous websites and apps for small, medium and large companies from all over the world. Presentational sites, online shops, Facebook, iOS and Android apps, are a part of our services portfolio.



We are conducting training intended to members of marketing sectors of small, medium and large corporations. Besides that,we’ve been created a free educational program for college students ang high-schoolers, called “Student Launch”.



If you want one-on-one consultations, in goal of creating marketing strategies, you are in the wright place. We are happy to see that our clients businesses are constantly growing, and making a record of a great results.

The branches

in which we specialize.


Fast moving consumer goods

Our services in the branch of fast moving consumer goods are essential part of communication for any brand. We have experience in working with companies that are manufacturing salty snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, child-care cosmetics as  well as adult cosmetics, and paper products.


Offline/Online retail

This particular branch is extremely challenging to work with. We are here to support offline retail and to create the online marketing retail strategy you’ve been hoping for.


Catering facilities

None hotel, restaurant, coffee shop or a club, cannot deserve a place in customers and clients hearts, without using some of our marketing mix strategies! We’ve been experienced with all types of catering facilities, within our services.

What they say about us

New energy, young team, great results and communication!

With who we’ve been working with?

Our references

We are proud of the fact, that in 2 years of business, we had a pleasure to work with over 70 small, medium and large companies, from all over the world!

We are looking forward to your query!

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